Great communication will change your life, including the way you talk to yourself.

My mission is to help you be confident and comfortable speaking in public, so that you are able to engage your audience and deliver your message with impact. To me speaking in public means literally that – anywhere you are speaking in public. Your “stage” could be a meeting, a pitch, a presentation, a conference, a podcast, a youtube video or a TED Talk. As long as you are speaking, and you have an audience – I want you to be heard. 

In 2014 I did a talk at Next Radio (above) on “How To Be An Authentic Radio Presenter”. Inspired by Brene Brown, Sarah Kaye and Jimi Hendrix, this is the epicentre of what I do, think, preach and love.

After 20 years in radio helping broacasters connect with their audience in their own way, I have developed techniques and tools you can use to help you beat your nerves, tell your stories and feel like “you” within the requirements of your “stage”.  Check out the “Work With Me’ section to find out about 1-2-1 coaching to group training.

Since launching The Presenter Coach I have been busy behind the scenes training, making and consulting on podcasts for my clients. Combining my love of audio design (I started out making jingles) and storytelling seemed to keep on happening, so you will now find ‘Podcast Creation’ as a product in “Work With Me”.

In 2018 I launched my own podcast called “Everyday Positivity” – a daily 2 minute shortcast that started its life as a Flash Briefing on Amazon Echo. My mission is to remind people to be kind to themselves – self talk can be so damaging. Everyday Positivity is currently in the Top 10 Rated Flash Briefings in Amazon, and is part of Volley FM.

Radio remains a real passion for me and I still produce programmes from time to time. I am a regular judge for a variety of audio industry awards and am currently enjoying my place on the Audio Content Fund panel.

Whatever your platform the fundamentals of engaging your audience, structuring your content and choosing your delivery are essentially the same. I always say to my clients that there are hundreds and thousands of ways that you can be a good presenter, but there is only ONE way YOU can be a great presenter, and I am passionate to help you get there.

Clients include…

BBC, Squire Patton Boggs, Greater Manchester Moving, Bauer Academy, Reform Radio, Greater Sport, Horiba UK, Inkpact, Talk Sport and Liverpool Football Club. 

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