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Get everything you need become an awesome presenter…It doesn’t matter if you’re a national breakfast show DJ, internet radio host, or a community radio presenter – This course was created by industry insider Kate Cocker whom will teach you how to stay ahead of the competition, draw in listeners, and keep them coming back for more!  Just watch this short video to find out more…


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Hi, my name is Kate and I’m The Presenter Coach. I am really excited to share my online course to help you become a better radio presenter.

I want to help you really hone your craft and skills and get yourself to a place where you are literally the best that you can be.

I devised the course because I’ve been working in radio for 15 years, I’ve worked with loads of presenters, either coaching or producing or putting shows together. In all sorts of guises.

Or running a radio station even and looking after presenters in that way.

And so I’ve seen this kind of spectrum of all types of people, types of presenters, what works for some people, what doesn’t work for others.

I’m just really passionate about helping people communicate well and be engaging and be memorable and be the best radio presenters that they can be.

I turned it all, everything that I’d learned, industry standard, techniques that I’ve learned and helped radio presenters with and put them all into an online course.

At the end of the course what I hope for you is that you actually know what’s expected of you as a radio presenter. I think a lot of the time we… you know, you want to be a radio presenter and you think, “Well, I’m just gonna do it.”

Which is great. But you always stick at a point and the feedback stops coming back when you’re sending out demos or you’re not quite sure what your boss is actually asking of you.

This course will give you some real detail, some real options to really think about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it and give you some techniques to use at the same time.

You’ll get the idea from industry standards, so it features people from the industry talking about their expectations, the radio presenters on audience. It features examples from radio presenters, telling great stories and how you can put that together.

And the other benefit you’ll get from me is you’ll start to look at things like your voice and how you can amplify what you’re doing as well.

So it’s not just story telling or identity or understanding listeners or clocks or links or structure. It’s understanding who you are, on the radio, how you can connect with your audience and how you can do it in a way that’s really authentic and really feels comfortable to you.

I’m really proud of this course, I really think that when you walk away from it, it gives you the option to really … you can have proper conversations with people, you can really understand what is expected of you as a radio presenter.

And other people who’ve walked away after doing this course have gone, “Oh, I get it now. I get what I’m supposed to do.”

And that’s a huge relief in walking into a studio and knowing to yourself, “This is how I am going to speak on the radio, this is the story I’m going to tell, I’m going to do it confidently and I’m gonna mess up with confidence, I’m going be brilliant with confidence,” and you’ll just feel really confident about what you’re doing and who you are.

Because every single person has the capacity to be amazing on the radio, every single person who wants to present has the capacity to be amazing. And this course gives you the skills to do so.

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Kate Cocker
The Presenter Coach

Your Investment Today: $147