What Is Creativity?

What Is Creativity?

When I hear people say they aren’t creative it makes me want to weep into my shoes.

Creativity = problem solving + authentic response + skills + confidence

It does not = genius + highly intelligent + artist + born with it

Everyone is creative. Every human has the desire to create something. It’s just that some people put it all in to practice more than others.

For example:

Problem: There is no painting on my wall

Solution: I’m going to paint one

Authentic Response: I love the colours pink blue and yellow together, and I love trees

Skills: Learn how – what you need, some idea of composition, tools and painting structure.

Confidence: Let go and take a risk and boom you have a painting.

No one is not creative… People who practice creativity are the ones that are best at it. And they have learned 4 things:

  • No idea comes to you without your brain entering some sort of relaxed state – which is why you get your best ideas in the shower (look up “theta waves creativity“).
  • Not every idea is great, but it doesn’t matter – the next one will be. Keep on keeping on.
  • Make creativity a daily habit – write, draw, present… just create the thing you love.
  • Some days nothing comes. Those are the days to do something else and come back to it tomorrow.

Now what you reading this for? Go create 🙂

What’s The Point Of Awards?

What’s The Point Of Awards?

Radio Industry Award Judging is in full flow, with both ARIA and SRA entries currently under the microscope. I’ve been really lucky to judge a few awards over the last couple of years and I am always struck by a couple of things that I thought would be useful to you when you’re deciding whether to trawl through your audio or “forget it this time”.

1. There are never as many entries as you think

Just like there are never as many texts into a radio studio as you think, there are never as many entries as you think. So you will always have a better chance of being nominated than you presume.

2. You never know who will be a judge

When else do you get industry people listening to you intently with the will for you to do well? Your next boss could be judging your category.

3. Never assume

The biggest mistake people make in editing their entry is assuming that the judges know what’s going on. Because you are on air every day, you assume they’ll have heard it.

But… The judges can’t judge you on what goes out on air every day, they can only judge you on your entry audio. Start from the point of view that the judges have never heard of your show, feature or the presenters, and include audio that sets out your stall at the beginning of the entry.

Good luck if you have entered anything this year. Remember getting a nomination is as good as winning: you get to go on the night and you’re in the programme.

Next Radio: Heads Up

Next Radio: Heads Up

If you want to know how to engage and build your difficult “youth audience” (those pesky under 25s) then Next Radio is the place to be: Monday 19th September.

This last couple of weeks I’ve been coaching some of the speakers lined up to do Next Radio. So, I have a sneaky heads up on some of the content on the day and there is a bit of a theme…

There will be people on stage speaking from hands on experience about how to actually use live streaming, how your business can adapt to the youth audience, how to work with You Tubers and what to be aware of when it comes to employing the next generation of radio professionals.

These are all things you will be able to take to work and put in to action on Tuesday 20th September. You can get the final tickets for Monday here.

Personality is Everywhere

Personality is Everywhere

You know when you are going about the daily grind, and then something leaps in to that space and makes you smile ? It can make your day completely different, and give you a story to tell your mates later. It happened to me yesterday – so I am telling you the story now 🙂

On the Cross Country train from Manchester to Birmingham the announcer came on the tannoy to announce the next stop…

But there was something different about this announcer. He had broken from the mono syllabic style and was chatty. His vocal tone was real and relatable. I could see the ears on the people in the carriage prick up.

In the next announcement he told us that the train would be stopping so “if you’re getting off here make sure you have your luggage, belongings, and any people you need to take with you”… He made another joke and people in the carriage LOL-ed.

In the next announcement, he did an impression of Mr Bean…
(This brought the house down)

His final bit began with the words “standard train announcement now…” And finished with a line like “thanks for travelling with Cross Country Trains, not that you had much of a choice cos this is the only one that runs this line”….

The coach gafawed, and the woman two seats behind me said (I kid you not): “that guy deserves a promotion”!!

Now I’m sure that any train driver getting a promotion will be judged on their skills and experience as a train driver, but to me it signified something. Personality, being “real”, has an affect on people.

My friend John Ryan (see his radio website  here) experienced something similar the day before…


So he wasn’t about to give his train driver a promotion – but he was moved enough by it to write a Facebook status about it… and he made us (his mates) laugh in the process.

Authentic personality is a magnet. It means taking your listener out of their daily grind and lifting their mood, or doing something that means they want to talk to their friends about it (this is the best kind of marketing).

The train companies are doing it, it won’t be long before everyone is. Now more than ever radio should be authentic and brimming with personality. It matters.