As a presenter you are at the sharp end of communication. Your job is to connect with your audience and keep them listening longer (15 minutes longer at least *ticks Rajar book*). It’s an art, and it’s an underated artform. This blog is dedicated to changing that.

I love presenters: people who can put their head above the parapet and share their lives. They hold stories together, they break the news to the world, they change your mood, and they become your virtual friend. The only other artform that does that as rawly is stand up comedy.

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Over the last 15 years, I have coached & trained presenters, produced radio programmes (BBC and Commercial), written and made adverts & jingles and I have had the privalegde of running a radio station in a competitive market. The one ethos that runs through every discipline is: connect by getting real.

In 2014 I did a talk at Next Radio on “How To Be An Authentic Radio Presenter”. Powered by Brene Brown, Sarah Kaye and Jimi Hendrix, this is the epicentre of what I do, think, preach and love.